A mother and daughter have today bonded over conspiring against a tight ass dad, who’s known for only ever purchasing new socks when his work pair developed large holes in the heels.

June and Tasha Moore are said to have taken an impromptu trip to The Stockland after school one Thursday afternoon, making the most of the late-night shopping to score some deals.

Though the pair were hardly spendthrifts, June had been in the mood to spoil her daughter – citing that she never liked spending money on herself anyway.

As they’d flocked to Dotti, Myers, City Beach and the ever pricy Forever New, they’d quickly racked up a bill of roughly $150, which was a lot more than dad deemed suitable to spend on clothes.

“If your dad asks, we got it all on sale”, says June, getting their story straight as they tumbled into the car, “say we got it for $50.”

“Hmm, actually $70 sounds a bit more believable.”

“If his van’s in the driveway, we’ll only take one bag in.”

Giving her mum a conspiratory wink, Tasha adds that it might be worth hiding the receipts too.

“If he asks, we can say it’s all digital now”, says Tasha.

“Save the trees haha.”

More to come.


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