Both Prosecco and gossip is flowing at a waterfront restaurant this afternoon, as a team of local Accountants give it a Christmas nudge.

Sitting down for a long lunch at the Kingfisher Restaurant on Lake Betoota, The Advocate understands a group of bean counters from a Big 4 firm have finished their mains and are about five drinks deep, which means that all the good salacious rumours are about to come out.

After a turbulent year which saw the resignation of two board members and their immediate boss, the team of professionals have started soaking up the final dregs of red wine jus with their bread rolls, and have tucked into their favourite dessert, workplace gossip.

Throwing her hair back in a cackle, senior manager Sandra Wintours (36) has decided to share some legally incriminating information, the kind that should probably be discussed with lawyers present, and not the type that should be shared at a restaurant with open windows.

“Aaaand David, well he was truly caught up in the thing,” cackled Kathy, referring to her departing boss who wrapped up duties last week.

“Yeah he was in cahoots with his old schoolmates and feeding them all the insider trades, he even tried to get me in on it.”

Listening intently with the view to share the salacious info amongst their own network of colleagues, the rest of the group stopped short of taking down notes on their phones, but mentally recorded the whole story word for word.

“But Marcus, you know the skinny one that’s been in the papers, he was syphoning off the profits offshore, you know how he was always taking business trips in Asia?”

“Casinos, he was washing it all through the Venetian in Macau!”

Easing up after a twitchy look from another senior, Kathy decided it was time to zip it, before she got a bunch more people fired. 

“Aha, anyway, where’s the waiter?” she cried across the linen tablecloth, “I think we’re ready for another bottle!”


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