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A low-tier employee barely making the minimum wage has decided to make it all about her and inconvenience her boss today, by handing in her resignation.

Pip Husic, a client manager at a mid-sized Public Relations Agency in the French Quarter explained to The Advocate that she was just feeling like a change of scene.

After plugging away for 18 months at the trendy firm, Husic accepted a role as a Communications Manager in the government sector and decided to take a holiday before starting the new job.

While Husic is feeling relieved about the transition, the Agency Director had something else to say.

“Jesus she’s got some fucking nerve doesn’t she?” the Director, Ashley Witten said to us today.

“We have a stack of briefs to turn over and clients to manage in the next little while and she’s decided to pull the pin. Who does she think she is? If we can’t get some other chump in quickly some of the work might fall upon my desk, and I’ll have to filter it back out to the others,” Witten said.


Andrew Orton a similarly insignificant colleague of Husic told The Advocate that her departure has fucked him around as well.

“I’m going to end up doing all of the shit she would have done if she was here. It will all be drip fed to me as if I’ve got no idea what’s going on. I might quit too.”


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