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A local woman has today used a serious medical condition as an excuse for her behaviour at a Betoota Grove Italian restaurant. 

Brittany Asiento (25) apologised to her friends saying it was her ‘OCD’ that was causing her to repeatedly rearrange her table setting so all the cutlery was perfectly aligned. 

One of Brittany’s friends, a qualified doctor, told the Advocate that Brittany always tries to claim she has OCD. 

“Whenever she does something orderly she says it’s because she has OCD”

“Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a clinical mental disorder” 

“It’s incredibly insulting to people who actually suffer from it” 

“Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a mental disorder in which a person feels the need to perform certain routines repeatedly (called “compulsions”), or has certain thoughts repeatedly (called “obsessions”). The person is unable to control either the thoughts or activities for more than a short period of time.”

“A client of mine had to wash their hands every 30 seconds, rearranging cutlery every now and then is not the same thing.” 

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is not the only medical condition Brittany claims to have.

The Advocate can confirm that she has self-diagnosed herself with gluten intolerance as well. 

It’s believed Brittany sometimes claims to be gluten intolerant, seemingly when it suits her.

Her friend continues to explain Brittany’s fake conditions. 

“Don’t get me started on her gluten intolerance, we’re at an Italian restaurant and I’ve seen her eating garlic bread and pasta” 

“The only condition she has is wanting to be special, which I think the majority of upper middle-class people suffer from”

More to come. 


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