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Ruining yet another pair of stonewash boot cut jeans, a quiet but equally endearing Eromanga man makes no apologies for the fashion faux pas – saying, “it is what it is, then you die.”

Speaking to The Advocate this morning from the heart, Gregor Norfolk said that his mother often forgets that he’s not as tall has his father or his brothers when she buys him jeans, resulting in him walking on the heel of the jean.

“Call them what you want. Scalloped shin swingers, heel chewers, heel flappers. I don’t really care. A jean is a jean, mate. Most of the jeans I get are hand-me-downs, anyway,” he said.

“I’ll walk the heels out of the lot of ’em. Does it look like I give a fuck? I can still lay pipe like Bob the Builder, I can go all fucking night mate.”

The 29-year-old part-time pastoralist explained slowly to our reporters that only sissy men and perverts cared about what people wore out, going to outline that his 70 000-acre often trumps any fashion faux pas he might entertain.

However, Mr Norfolk is just one man in a growing movement among young country men to walk the heel out of a nice pair of jeans.

In 2015, a Walgett man was denied entry to an exclusive Sydney nightspot for attempting to enter wearing filthy pleather loafers and a pair of heel chewers.


More to come.




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