A local bloke is planning to book himself appointments with a Physio and his HR department this evening, after the sounds of ghetto rap inspire him to swing his hips a little too enthusiastically  on a workplace dance floor.

Eight Peroni’s deep at his end of year event for PBWJ Investments Ltd, it’s believed the combination of stale European beers and Prosecco have inspired local finance guy Callum Deloiter to really throw it back, a little more wildly than he probably should.

After hearing the sounds of ‘Get Low’ By Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz blare across the dance floor speakers, it is reported Callum has decided to revitalise some of his old dance moves and pop, lock and drop his way into Christmas party folklore.

A former club rat that knows every lyric and cuss word in the fabled masterpiece by Lil’ Jon, Callum is reportedly in the cross hairs of several members of the HR department, who are keen to pull him aside and settle him down a little.

Speaking to head of HR at the firm, Julie Hughes-May, the company exec told The Advocate that Callum’s dance moves were an example of why the company will probably stop having Christmas parties in the near future.

“Silly season is hell for anyone in HR, the combination of workplace stress, an open bar tab and the chance for people to tell their boss what they really think about them develops into a nuclear bomb of serious repercussions.”

“We’re hearing that some risk averse companies, which are way less fun, are starting to gift employees Woolworths gift cards in lieu of a present, because they can’t be assed dealing with the HR issues come January.”

“Having said that, this Lil Jon song is a banger, so I’ll let Callum have his fun, I will just go get him some water though…”

More to come.


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