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A recent report looking what the world’s sweatiest thing is has revealed that something in Australia has taken out the prized number one spot – even ahead of a taxi driver in an ’89 Camry driving through Texas with the windows up and no air-con.

In what can only be described as a great honour for Queenslanders, the report found that there is nothing on Earth more sweaty than an ex-Queenslander visiting home for the weekend, after he’s acclimatised to the temperature of his current southern state.

The Advocate can confirm that one ex-Queenslander in particular, Carl Engle (29), was named in the report as being the sweatiest living organism.

Our reporters caught up with Carl to see how he feels about winning Australia the sweaty honour, and, true to form, Carl had sweat dripping off his out of shape body.

“Fark, it’s hot here!”

“I don’t remember it being this hot.”

“How are you not sweating?” Carl asked as he used his shirt to wipe the sweat off his brow.

“Yeah so I suppose it’s great that I’ve won something for Australia, but at the same time, my mates won’t stop paying me out.”

“They’re just in my ear about how much of a pussy I’ve become, so I guess the victory is bitter sweet.”

With more trips home planned, it doesn’t seem like the New South Wales dweller is in for a dry month for some time.

More to come.



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