As quiet quitting continues to permeate the workplace there are still those who are serving up a side of the loud stuff.

After dealing with a pandemics’ worth of stock and staff shortage, supermarket worker Meagan Barrett (28) has finally decided to move onto something else.

Barrett has marked her final shift with a spudtastic celebration with a record number of potatoes being purchased before she clocked out for good.

Over the ten years Barrett has worked at the popular supermarket chain, she has seen no less than 20 of her coworkers be replaced by self-service checkouts.

While adored by introverts due to a lack of chit chat, self-service checkouts have allowed entrepreneurial shoppers to make massive savings by scanning every item as a potato and paying for it based on weight.

Previously, Barrett has called out the thrifty shoppers who have tried this cost saving technique but on her final shift she has evidently not given a single shit.

“Did you put that through as a washed potato?” Barrett asked one group of uni students.

“Put them through as unwashed, it’s a dollar cheaper per kilo.”


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