As NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet continues to feel the heat for wearing a nazi costume at his 21st birthday, every other Gen X and upper Millennial politician has privately admitted they might be just a tad moist around the collar too.

Late last year, Perrottet did the unthinkable and actually tried to do something about organised crime and problem gambling in his state made great by organised crime and problem gambling (insert Victorians saying they copied them again).

With a cashless pokie card on the horizon, an allegation somehow emerged that Perrottet dressed as a nazi at his 21st birthday, striking with the waiting grace of a draw four wild card. 

Although there is no photographic evidence seen by the public and no one wants to admit they were at his 21st, Perrottet confirmed the allegations partially due to how easy it is for people to imagine the leader of NSW wearing a leathery symbol of hate.

In the days that have followed, Perrottet’s nazi costume has become somewhat of a saga.  

One group not enjoying the circus are the nation’s politicians aged 40 and up who now know that you don’t always need a photo of the crook costume they all definitely wore.

“It used to just be the go,” stated one MP who wanted to remain anonymous so his friends don’t find out he’s in the Liberal Party.

“You should have seen the costume parties we had after Eddie Murphy released Delirious. The accents alone would have us crucified from pages one to 10 daily.”

“There’s one of me dressed as the Pope but as long as the photo is of the waist up I think I’ll be fine.”

“You want to know something really crook? I’ve heard there’s a photo of Albo wearing, get this, a St George jersey!”


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