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A local atheist has found herself this afternoon praying to god that the man making his way down the aeroplane aisle, isn’t coming for the spare seat next to her.

“God, please no!” Anne Small thought to herself, or maybe she said it out aloud, she can’t be sure.

Although trying to play it cool and pretend she doesn’t care if someone takes the seat next to her, Anne was actually staring directly at the eccentric loudmouth trouncing right for her.

She was unable to look away.

Second by second, he got closer, each step he took seemingly ramping up Anne’s anxiety levels.

Unbeknownst to her, Anne had actually begun holding her breath as she waited to see where the loud mouth was going to plonk himself.

She looked at the man, then to her seat, then back to the man, he was basically on top of her now he was that close.

The man looked up at the seat number and checked it against his ticket.

“Ah, nope, I’m 26A, next one.” He said to himself.

Anne let out a huge sigh of relief.

She wasn’t out of the woods yet though, the doors of the plane were still open, and as everyone knows, there are no certainties until the plane is in the air.

Her Betoota Airways flight is due to depart in 10 minutes, we’ll keep an eye on this developing story.

More to come. 


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