A 7-hour road trip has got off to an average start today after the owner and driver of the car revealed that their car isn’t capable of playing an iPod unless it’s through a cassette adapter.

The owner/driver, Georgia McLight, began by apologising and trying to put things into perspective for her ungrateful passengers.

“Ease up, at least it’s better than having a portable Bluetooth speaker on the back seat”

“Not by much, but it is.”

The advocate reached out to social commentator Gilles Doutran to see if Georgia was committing some kind of faux pas in offering up her car in the first place.

“Yes, valid point. It raises the question of why the friends accepted to ride in Georgia’s povo car”

“There are a number of reasons; the trip back is a big one though. Nobody wants to drive hungover.”

“So, having no proper music system is a small price to pay to have someone else drive you around”

Truer words have never been spoken, everyone who’s ever had a hangover can attest to how horrific driving long distances hungover is one of the worse things we have to endure in life, far worse than a povo car that for some reason is only capable of playing music through a medium that most people people thought was filtered out in the early 1990s.

More to come.


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