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Local woman Shara Bishop wants to be a vegetarian. Really, she does.

Well, actually she’d like to be a vegan, but that would require far more discipline and effort than she’s capable of.

Much like everyone who has the faintest sliver of empathy, the idea of eating animals really isn’t something many people would think of as humane. Especially when you find yourself stuck in traffic next to a cattle track, and are forced to lock eyes with an adorable brown eyed cow that appears to stare right into your soul.

As someone who grew up eating meat for both lunch and dinner, trying to quit meat altogether is an incredibly hard feat and one that requires a lot of preparation and sacrifice.  And if Shara is being honest with herself, falafel, mushroom and eggplant have nothing on chicken and beef, nor are the chickpea patties worth an entire night of putrid farts.

But Shara needs to be better, and she really can’t call herself an animal lover if she continues to pick and choose what kind of animals can be eaten. Because at the end of the day, is a cuddly cow really that different from a dog?

Still, just one month into being vegetarian, Shara finds herself growing increasingly tired of eating salad, seeing as she’s way too lazy to come up with anything more imaginative. However, rather than admit defeat, Shara has instead heavily hinted to her doctor that maybe, just maybe, her iron levels could be falling – enquiring what possible change she needs to make to get back to her healthy self.

“I’m just feeling so tired all the time and I have no energy”, says Shara.

“It’s just been this past month, I’m not sure what’s causing it?”

“It’s so strange.”

More to come.


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