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A cafe in our town’s Heights district last night walked away with a huge honour from the Betoota Chamber Of Commerce’s Annual Business Awards Night.

The team at ‘Koffee‘ took home the coveted Business Innovation Award after adopting a cutting edge new industry practice this year.

Like 97% of other cafes operating in regional towns and centres Koffee had previously only ever served coffee in a large mug, as is the custom outside of the city.

However, demonstrating their eligibility for the Innovation Award, Bill Walters and his team decided a few months ago to start serving coffee in cappuccino cups, latte glasses, and even little espresso cups.

Walters told The Advocate that initially many were sceptical about the transition to the 2019, and he copped a few sprays from some of the regular patrons who thought he was trying to rip them off and save on milk.

“A lot of people in town don’t seem to be interested in the coffee, they just wanted giant ‘baby chinos’.”

“So they blew up that we were giving them ‘less milk.'”

“But that decision has proven to have paid off today,” said the cafe owner making the most of the free Peronis on offer.

“They said we were crazy, they said we were mad, but we’ve pulled it off,” said the successor to Lilly’s Laser Removal Therapy, the winner of the award in 2018.

“Few of these ones on the house to celebrate,” said Walters motioning to his Peroni before necking it.


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