A red p-plater has received a stern slap on the wrist this morning after being caught by police obeying the road rules.

Corey Nicholls (17) a 1st-year chippy’s apprentice was nabbed this morning at 8:45 am on Diamantina Link Road out the front of Betoota Heights High.

The young man was reportedly chugging along at an extremely pedestrian 37 kilometres an hour when police pulled him over.

“Mate, they pulled me over and said did I know how fast I was going,” explained Corey a short time ago.

“And I full-on freaked aye. Cause I don’t wanna get lifts with my boss who lives up the road every morning and listen to him go on about his coaching plan for the U16s.”

“But then they told me I was doing 37.”

“And they didn’t even check if everything was regulation. Was real weird,” said the young man whose car chews up nearly all of his paycheque every week.

The Constable who handed out the ticket explained to us that he was blown away when he caught Corey obeying the speed limit.

“Mate, I was a probationary constable in the Valley. I’ve seen a bit of a shit, but in my 7 years of policing, this is the most shocking case I’ve seen.”

“I couldn’t believe it, an expensive ute, red-plates and a young fella with a moustache that looks like a fine layer of dust from a days work and he was obeying the road rules.”

“I thought that maybe it was a mum who’d borrowed the car and forgot to take the plates off, but nup, it was a young blud just obeying the rules.”

“Wonders never cease. This year just keeps on getting weirder and weirder.”


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