Local bartender Liv Cotric (25) stated that as she was forced to call security on a patron for the 30th time this year, she had an overwhelming sense that her arts degree from a regional university really should have done something to prepare her for this.

Graduating from Betoota University, Cotric was awarded the employment opportunities one is endowed with after completing an arts degree.

She elected for bartending at Betoota RSL after she was unable to find a career in “fuck knows.”

Although challenging at first, Cotric states she has enjoyed many aspects of her job, such as the familiar sense of not learning much mixed with the feeling of having no options. 

However, Cotric states any bounties her degree posses are tarnished by the constant need to be an adult that hospitality demands.

“I had to tell a guy to get his hands out of his shoes yesterday,” exclaimed Cotric fumbling with a pack of Panadol.

“It was the third time I’d told him that day.” 

“Why wasn’t I ready for this?”

According to Cotric, the majority of the bar’s patrons and locals are a respectful group who like to watch the footy with strangers.

“But some of them would rather fingerpaint their shorts with a mixture of dribble and piss. And I’m the one who is somehow qualified to deal with this?”

“God, life is so fucking pointless.”


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