In hospitality news, a once beloved watering hole has lost its liquor licence this week after it was revealed their swanky new gastro-pub menu doesn’t pass the pub test.

Once cherished for its $5 shots of caribbean rum and 2-for-1 Tuesday schnitty night, West Betoota’s Bull and Barley Inn has recently undertaken major renovations, and has been the talk of the town in recent weeks.

Having transformed from being a pub that had to serve its spirits in plastic cups due to glassings, to the type of venue where it’s acceptable to host a baby shower, the B&B (Bull and Barley) is reportedly now boasting a fancy new menu that’s replaced it’s mayo soaked caesar salad to a pomegranate and ancient grain bowl.

However after a recent visit from the Diamantina’s PRAT (Pub Review Associate Trust), it can be revealed the pub is really having a proper laugh trying to charge $4 for a tiny dish of hot plate drippings.

“Charging anymore than $2 for gravy is grounds for a casual warning” said local schnitzel inspector Brett ‘Parmi’ Giana, “we’d heard whispers this place has been charging like a wounded bull since the renos.”

“It’s stipulated in PRAT’s review guidelines that charging any more than $3 for gravy would heed a written warning, but stinging customers $4 for that little dish of disappointment was grounds for us to turn off their beer taps for 72 hours.”

“One inspection in the kitchen and all they’ve done is poured some hot plate grease into a dish and slopped in a few floppy mushrooms in there, and even if it does come in a cute adorable dish, you can’t pull wool over my eyes, there’s not even enough gravy to double dip my chips.”

More to come.


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