The times they are a changin’ in a service station in Greater Western Betoota as the seedy condom machines now offer frangas that are ribbed for THEIR pleasure.

In a recent poll by the ABS, 9/10 Aussies agreed the least politically correct space in modern day Australia is the men’s bathroom at a service station that caters predominantly to truckies. 

According to the research survey, reasons for men’s servo bathrooms being voted the least PC space is because they are ‘gender-exclusive’, ‘have crude comments written on the walls’ and they ‘are where gronks whose only liquid intake is iced coffee take a shit for fuck’s sake’.

One timeless feature of servo bathrooms is a gnarled old condom machine operated by not even a company.

These mysterious machines cater to the absolute sex lords who are looking for something novel to put on their knob or a pheromone wipe that is so irresistible to women it makes Lynx Africa smell like a non-deodorizing mossie repellent used only by virgins.

One such novelty dommy features latex ribs that were famously for ‘her pleasure’ or as the non judgemental sign in GWB Pies & Petrol states, ‘ribbed for their pleasure’.

“Mate, I don’t care what people get up to in there as long as they bring back the key I got tied to the thong,” stated open minded shop manager Scott Bruceton who had the PC machines installed in all three bathrooms.

“Just make sure you clean up after yourselves, don’t do anything illegal and make sure you have an informed conversation about enthusiastic consent prior to your relations.”

“Also tins of V are $7 for two.”


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