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Staring at his teacher with the glazed look of a prisoner of war, local child Josh Stewardson [5] lets it be known that he really doesn’t give two fucks about this magic milk shit.

Nor did he care about the coke and mentos, static electricity from balloons or flying teabags. Heck, he wasn’t even that interested in watching how mouldy a piece of bread could get, which is usually a big hit for boy’s his age.

Well, maybe the ones from twenty years go, but it takes a lot more to hold Josh’s attention now, considering he spends most of his time flicking through videos on mummy’s iPad…an iPad he has unsupervised access to, and has already seen him witness some of the most heinous acts a human being is capable of.

And a few boobs too.

“Look”, sighs Josh, whose preciousness would have been cute if it wasn’t so horrific, “I’ve seen a soldier getting his brains blown out.”

“And a man put a glass up his butt.”

“And he had scars around his butt, so I know he’s done it before.”

“So yeah.”

“Dropping food dye into milk just isn’t cutting it anymore.”

“I crave violence.”

More to come.


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