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As the road to Origin 2 looks rocky for our mouth-breathing southern neighbours, it could also get a bit more crowded down there as NSW Premier Chris Minns and Premier Steven Miles agree the loser of this year’s series will take a further 50 000 unskilled migrants pretending to be students.

With the state of Victoria teetering on the brink of bankruptcy and near lawlessness in their capital, the responsibility of growing the national economy through lazy and unsophisticated migration has largely fallen on the shoulders of the two states that carry the country.

And according to the Federal Government, there’s always room for more.

Premier Steven Miles told The Advocate today that he’s confident that the sunshine state will avoid taking on more economic Spakfilla because the Maroons have proven again that they’re the superior underdog team.

“Look, while we might have to suffer the indignity of taking in refugees from Victoria and lesser parts of the country, we will probably avoid taking in a further 50 000 people. Odds are, they’re off to Western Sydney,” said Miles.

“I think it’s a good bet. There’s a lot more at stake than having to fly the NSW flag on the Story Bridge or wearing the Blues jersey to National Cabinet,”

“To be honest, I don’t know why [Premier] Chris Minns agreed to it.”

The Advocate reached out to the Office of the NSW Premier for comment and was provided with a short statement.

“For every high income earner, we need at least a dozen unskilled migrants that purport to be students to support them. Think house cleaners, food delivery riders, Uber and taxi drivers, security guards, dish pigs and so on. How many white kids are doing these jobs? None. They’re all at university. Their slippers under their bed in their parents house. As long as there is the tubby yuppie, there will be unskilled migrants. We welcome everyone to come and make a life in NSW,” said the statement.

“That being said, we hope we win the next two games and the 50 000 people get dumped on Queensland. That would be so funny right before the election.”

More to come.


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