The entire workplace of Lorigan And Co Accountants in Betoota Heights have today been treated to the news that next week’s staff Christmas party will be at one of the grossest pubs in the area.

Mainly due to the fact that Lanny from the front desk loves punching darts, and is also in charge of organising the event.

Whispers started circulating as early as yesterday that the event was going to take place at the Betoota Heights Tavern.

“Isn’t that where all the fights happen?” asked Bill, a graduate employee.

“That’s a pretty rough venue, Lanny” he said.

Lanny, who appeared shocked that anyone would care where the 5-hour office piss up was going to hosted, insists that the tavern had a really nice kitchen.

“Excuse me” she said.

“But I don’t see anyone else putting their hands up to organise this”

“The Heights Tavern is a lovely venue with plenty of space”

And by space, she means the infamous DOSA [designated smokers area], which kind of blends into the outdoor dining area, and won’t be an awkward place for her to punch some sweet sweet Benson and Hedges.

One of the partners, Sandra, interjects on behalf of everybody.

“Lanny didn’t some guy get killed with an ashtray in that beer garden a few months back?”

Sandra is quick to reign it in after Lanny gets that look in her eyes, a look that is only seen about once or twice a year when the boss’ son double parks out the back.

“Ok. I’ll cancel the booking. If it’s not flash enough for you lot! Fine”

At time of press everyone was telling Lanny that it was fine and that they got confused with another venue but that this one is actually good.


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