A local postie has been praised by Australia Post this morning for improving his workplace productivity.

Beloved by residents in the Betoota Grove community, postman Pat Richards (59) has been delivering parcels and birthday cards to the leafy streets of East Betoota for the best part of a decade.

A postie who remembers the days of only having to deliver water bills and the odd birthday present, it’s believed Pat has been forced to pivot his skills in the last few years to accommodate for the boom in online shopping.

Stopping by 85 Milton Crescent this morning, Pat was seen offering some fashion advice as he delivered PR consultant Jennifer Carey another one of her recent purchases.

An avid online shopper who can have up to ten deliveries arriving each week, The Advocate understands Pat and Jennifer have developed quite a friendly relationship over the last year, mainly because he sees her everyday.

Sitting on the porch steps whilst Jenn ripped open the packaging of a familiar black bag, Pat stood by to see whether Jenn would be keeping a stunning white piece.

“Did you get this one on sale too?” Pat asked Jenn, feigning interest in the latest item of her burgeoning wardrobe.

“Looks nice…”

Huffing as she noticed the sleeves appeared a little long, Jenn reportedly stuffed the item back into the bag and gave Pat a knowing nod.

“Nup sorry Pat, it’s fitting too big, can you just ship it back for me?” Jenn asked, itching to go back inside and go on another shopping frenzy.

“Suit yourself, I’ll be back Wednesday anyway, I know there’s three shoe boxes still being processed for you back at the sorting centre…”

“I’ll see you soon!”


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