A local plumber has caused quite a stir on site this afternoon.

The scene was caused by the tradesman named Jarred Wilson (32) actually digging his own sewer line.

“Everyone was fucking shell-shocked,” explained local chippy Dylan Keys.

The incident occurred a short time ago when Wilson (short an apprentice ‘who came down with something overnight’) was forced to demonstrate that he actually knows how to use something called a shovel.

“He’d been whinging all morning about having to do it, and seeing as no one else could do it, we just thought he’d fuck off to Reece or Bunnings or something and wait till the apprentice was back on Monday.”

“But, he actually did it.”

With everyone winding up for the day, we quickly tracked down the alleged hole digger to see what had happened.

“Fuck off,” said the sweaty plumber sitting on an empty paint tin.

With everyone giggling around the site, he continued to give the same two-word response before we decided to leave.


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