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Cassie Melrose has narrowly escaped a messy death this afternoon after it became clear she had a boyfriend and was not a threat to her boyfriend.  

It’s believed Justine Gallery’s plans to assassinate Cassie came into play after Cassie was seen talking to Justine’s boyfriend for a little bit too long and laughing a little bit too much.

“He’s not that funny” Justine said sourly to herself.

“I swear, if you laugh one more time I’ll come over there and stab you” she said still speaking to herself.

Just as Justine was about to storm over and commit murder, Cassie’s boyfriend appeared and defused the situation playing out in Justine’s head.

The Advocate cautiously sat down with Justine, after she’d decided not to kill another woman for talking to her boyfriend, to see if this was a usual reaction or not.

“Ohh just ignore that, it’s the vodka talking” she said.  

“I love this girl, she’s so funny!”

Not one to fool easily, our reporter reached out to some other women in the town to see whether Justine’s reputation for being a bit of a psycho at times was accurate.

“Uhh, yes, I saw her once go and wedge herself in between her boyfriend and another girl he was innocently talking with – I think it was a colleague of his or something, it was so awkward” revealed a woman who wished to remain anonymous out of fear of retribution.

More to come.


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