Betoota Heights fridgie Sammo Black (25) has today shown all of his Instagram followers just how seriously he takes knock off.

After a big day hanging cooler room doors and jump starting fans, the five-years-and-running bachelor has cracked himself open a frosty tin of the bravo bravo.

With mum and dad not home for another couple hours, Sammo takes to social media to let his 347 followers know that this is what it’s all about with a selfie video of him drinking some piss!

The video, which appears to have been taken just after he cracked the can open, shows the local touch football identity taking a big swig of the first of two beers he will be drinking today. The video ends with Sammo tapping the camera lens in a blokey kind of cheers.

While his video isn’t as tragic as previous videos he’s posted, some of which have shown him doing the same thing while drinking alone at a pub, it’s still pretty heartbreaking.

“Why don’t you go over there and have a beer with him” says his best mates mum, Jenny, after seeing the video on instagram.

Sammo’s best mate, however, says he’d love to but it’s fucken Tuesday and he’s got gym in like an hour.

At time of press, Sammo was posting Instagram stories of funny shit that was happening on A Current Affair, with his old man yelling at him to come have some dinner in the background.


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