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Wayne Lindfield, a local FIFO worker, who is also single, treated himself last payday by purchasing a second hand tinny to facilitate his growing obsession with fishing.

While his friends were initially happy for the man to have something that keeps him occupied, the barrage of photos swamping their Instagram feeds is fast turning that happiness into annoyance.

Since purchasing the boat 14 days ago, Wayne has uploaded over 27 minutes’ worth of stories, 5 separate Instagram posts and 2 albums on Facebook.

In Wayne’s defence, the photos aren’t entirely of the small vessel, there are also a number of photos of his new fishing gear and the small fish that he has caught so far.

Regardless, the oversharing has his friends comparing his spam to that of new mothers – a group whose online reputation is painful at best.

“You’re worse than Stacey and her new-born, mate!” heckled one friend.

“I’ll have to mute you if you’re not careful”

“You should just go and join the mothers’ group, you can share tips on how to piss off your followers with your spam”

Despite the clear disapproval from his friends, Wayne has no plans on slowing his boat uploads.

“Yeah, no way! This boat is the smartest investment I’ve ever made – and I was in crypto before it shit itself!”

“If they’ve got a problem with my uploads they can just unfollow me, fuck ‘em”

More to come.


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