According to the currently banned news collectives, the stand-off between a tech giant and a party that won 51.57% of votes in the last election is threatening their livelihood as well as the safety of those who depend on their services.

And for the one-third of Australians who rely on social media to get their news it is just plain annoying. 

All this however doesn’t mean there haven’t been a few success stories such as Aunty Joyce finally getting the recognition she deserves.

With content for Australian Facebook users now officially half of what it was on Wednesday, traditional social content has made a huge comeback including a photo of Aunty Joyce’s latest Mars Bar slice that she just whipped up for no reason at all.

“At least I don’t have to Google that to know what’s going on!” said nephew Tyson Joyce, as he became one of the hundreds of Facebook users to support his aunt’s endorphin count by engaging with her OC.

“Usually it’s just her old friend from England leaving a nice comment from her and her husband’s joint account, she never expected her slice to glow up like this!”

Since posting a photo of the diabetes inducing slice on midday Wednesday it has generated nearly 10 likes, with several youth publishers writing articles about it (which have unfortunately gone unread due to no one visiting their websites). 


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