For local woman Millie Connor, the idea of being assertive leaves her feeling a little anxious.

Having grown up in a household where she learned to distinguish her dad’s emotions by the sound of his boots, Millie spent her formative years trying to keep the peace and remain as inconspicuous as possible – a trait that continued well into adulthood.

From being unable to tell the masseuse the massage was a little too strong for her liking, to agreeing to countless events she had no desire to go to, Millie’s inability to say no has caused her some considerable grief and today, some considerable pain.

It’s alleged Millie had booked in with a local hairdresser to get her roots touched up, meekly agreeing to let the junior stylist work on her locks for 20% off. And though this standard treatment should have taken roughly 60 minutes tops, a series of painful blunders caused it to stretch well into an hour and a half. Or at least it felt that way, given her scalp was on fire.

After gritting her teeth as a searing radiated through her skull – which was no doubt caused by the high concentration peroxide being left on for too long – Millie had welcomed the reprieve of the wash basin, only to be scalded by a blast of hot water.

“Let me know if the water’s too hot.” 

Nodding in agreement as the stylist continued to spray her forehead, Millie blinks away a single tear and concentrates on breathing out of her nose.

More to come


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