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The creators of popular children’s programme Bluey have come under attack again from parents by show a graphic execution of a beloved character.

The latest episode of Bluey shows the family taking a holiday to Chechnya, where they almost immediately run into trouble.

One local parent explained watching the show with her son as a “daily ritual” but that won’t be continuing after what she and her son saw on the TV yesterday afternoon.

“I have no idea why they’d show that, or even have a storyline like this. Who goes to Chechnya, period?” she told our reporters.

“Anyway, the family essentially gets kidnapped in an illegal taxi and when Bandit tries to fight back, they beat him almost to death with metal poles by the roadside. The police come but the terrorists just pay them off with US dollars and cigarettes,”

“I was looking for the remote to turn it off when they took Bandit and the family to the leader, who orders he be executed in the back yard. They hanged Bandit then shot the family like Romanovs! My son was crying, especially when they started laughing and began kicking Bandit’s dead body like a bag in a MMA gym!”

“I am outraged, disgusted and angry that the creators of Bluey would do this. Why? I just don’t get it. What message does this send to our kids?”

The creators of Bluey were contacted for comment but have yet to receive a reply.

More to come.


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