With catching omicron seemingly now an inevitable fate for anyone who ventures outside their home, many are left waiting for the shoe to drop at any moment – which is both anxiety inducing and terrible for the social calendar.

But one woman who refuses to have her plans derailed yet again is Betoota Heights local Olivia Tinning, who’s now had to contend with two cancelled birthday parties and a 2019 concert that’s been postponed four times.

In fact, she’s over having the virus suck all the fun out of her life.

Considering she’s been double vaxxed and lives in one of the higher density pockets of the city, Olivia knows that someone as social as she is, is bound to catch the spicy cough.

But now, she’s counting on it.

Though she hadn’t bothered to include her roommates in on her decision, Olivia has concluded that catching the virus somewhere between the Hottest 100 and February 17 (her birthday) is the perfect window for sickness.

Ideally, a Hottest 100 party would be the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, given the likelihood of heat, packed bodies and cute blokes she can kiss for that added boost.

As getting the virus now would be cutting it too close, Olivia reckons she’ll lay low for the upcoming week and avoid any social gatherings, so her immune system is primed ready for her transformation into a human petri dish, come January 22.

More to come.


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