A local P-Plater has been forced to actually have his brake pads replaced after the sound of the front discs being slowly destroyed became louder than the stereo.

“My brakes got noisy one day but it was all good; I just cranked the system. Problem solved!” explained Betoota Vale resident Brayden Shambles.

“But it kept getting louder, hey. I just kept turning the volume up. But yeah, it got so loud that I couldn’t hear the stereo so I had to fix it properly; I spent a couple of grand on parts and me and me mate installed the sub box and a couple of 12” woofers as well as a 6×9” in every door and a couple of old Kenwood 7×10”s on the parcel shelf”.

According to Brayden, the repairs worked well for about 6 months, but eventually even the new system was drowned out by the ear-piercing screeching of the easily-replaced brake pads.

“Yeah, when I couldn’t even hear the new system I was like ‘hey, it might not get past the rego guy next month’.”

“I took it to the mechanic and he fixed the brakes and some other shit too, like there was no exhaust system and the speedo didn’t work. And some of the airbags had already gone off, which he said was bad. I dunno lol”.


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