A remote Aboriginal radio station deep within the Diamantina Shire has called an emergency meeting with all executive staff members this morning, after losing 40% of their listenership between the 9am and 10 am news breaks.

This comes after DEADLY FM 98.5 shocked their loyal fan base with an unprecedented twenty minute break between Troy Cassar-Daley songs.

Troy Cassar-Daley, or ‘TCD’ as he is known in country music circles, or ‘Uncle Troy’ as he is known up north, or The Bundjalung Falcon as he is known back in South Sydney, has for many years been a staple rotation in the big rock and country radio stations around Australia. However his most prolific radio-play is in the bush on remote stations like DEADLY FM.

With 4 ARIA awards, 33 Golden Guitars and 9 Deadly awards, TCD is regarded as one of the most prolific singer-songwriters in Australian music.

It is for this reason that DEADLY FM’s listenership are absolutely ropeable with the lapse in Troy ballads this morning. With thousands of complaints both on the textline and on social media.

We spoke to one distraught DEADLY FM listener earlier.

“I’m not that angry… I’m just disappointed” said Aunty Annie, one disappointed member of the BUSH JURY, a group of VIP listeners who are responsible for the selections of the Friday arvo count down.

“They know how it works” she says.

“We get Dolly Parton at Midday. Goanna at knock-off. Kev Carmody at the top of every hour and pretty much rotate between Slim and Troy for the rest of the day”

Troy Cassar-Daley was approached for comment but his management declined on his behalf, after stating that he was too busy in the studio, where he is working on a new album dedicated entirely to the 2014 Rabbitohs premiership.


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