Proving that the work never starts, on-call paramedic Alex Kingsley has asked the bartender to pour his beer into a KeepCup, just in case he needs to shake a leg.

The average Australian paramedic works a 40 hour week, with many hours spent waiting and a few spent handling the nastiest fucking shit that makes the best argument for an office job possible.

Proving that you can be responsible while still having a cheeky one, Kingsley stopped by Betoota Railway Hotel for a cold one he could take on the road at a moment’s notice.

“If I get called in for an emergency, that’s not at this pub, I’ve got to be ready to get out the door,” stated Kingsley, sipping his beer with the lid off so he could properly enjoy.

“They should serve all their drinks in plastic, the amount of glass I’ve pulled out of eyelids in this place.”

“I know you’re having a bit of a laugh at our expense but I know paramedics will be OK with it because we are just the best sports about stuff like this.”



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