A 12-year-old local kelpie-cross has today revealed to The Advocate the toll a tough weekend has taken upon him.

Talking to our reporter through Editor at Large Errol Parker’s clairvoyant stepdaughter, the dog named Butch explained that he doesn’t appreciate being treated like a joke in the nation’s media.

“I just don’t need that shit in my life anymore,” said the old dog who has had a tough couple of years with some digestive issues.

“You think I like leaving sloppy shits all over the back garden?” barked Butch.

“That’s enough of a cross to bear, let alone having to be made the punch line of a sledge for Ricky Stuart.”

The emotional testimonial from the old family dog who is now treated to a few more bits of proper meat then he ever was in the past comes after Canberra Raiders coach Ricky Stuart let loose in an incredible tirade over the weekend.

Speaking after an incident in the match between Penrith and Canberra on Saturday night, the Raiders coach referred to Panthers player Jaeman Salmon as a ‘weak gutted dog.’

Speaking during the explosive press conference Stuart said this;

“But where Salmon kicked Tommy (Starling), it ain’t on.

“I have had history with that kid (Salmon). I know that kid very well.

“He was a weak gutted dog as a kid and he hasn’t changed now. He is a weak gutted dog person now.”

Those comments have drawn the ire of the NRL, with Stuart facing a suspension and fine, as well as potential legal action from Salmon himself.

Stuart has since apologised for his comments, with allegations emerging that Salmon and his son had had some interactions in the past.

However, while all of that will play out in the media over the next few days and weeks, Butch says he just wants to be left out of this shit in the future.

“I’ve had a life time of being called a mongrel dog, and I’m over it.”

“I don’t need to be sledged like that. I don’t need to see all of that stuff on social media. Just let me enjoy my life without being embarrassed about my digestive issues,” barked Butch, before strolling off to bark at the neighbour’s cat perched on the top of the fence.

More to come.


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