A local mum has been done, it can be confirmed this morning.

Betoota Heights matriarch Beverly London has been fleeced by some random scammers this week, after assuming that her kids would send her a message from a random number asking for money.

The fleecing comes amidst a scourge of “Hi Mum” messages, with millions of dollars apparently being garnered as part of the play.

Varying in grammatical errors and themes, the messages generally claim that a son or daughter has found themselves in trouble and are in urgent need of money.

The message in question this time around, asked London to send a bunch of money to a new bank account to help her youngest daughter.

The daughter, who to be fair is always finding herself in interesting situations told The Advocate that she is doing fine, and as a full time employed city woman, is actually not in need of any emergency money.

“I knew it was a matter of time,” sighed Patricia London, the 24 year old daughter of Beverly.

“I knew I should have warned her these things were getting around, and not to bother sending me money unless I actually call her,” she laughed.

“Jesus, it would have taken her a second to call my phone and realise that it hasn’t been smashed and I’m not in need of money.”

“Or she could have called my boyfriend who would have assured her I haven’t been in an accident.”

When asked about the incident, Beverly told The Advocate she didn’t want to officially comment, but she’s just glad Patricia’s “okay.”

More to come.


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