The token office trainwreck has today regaled some pretty wild stories to her boomer colleagues, after spending a weekend away with some mates, it’s reported.

Though Riley O’Connell [20] is the baby of the office, she’s surprisingly built up quite the rapport with the older women in the team, who are more than happy to live vicariously through her single girl antics.

When she isn’t asking for advice on the many boys she’s texting, Riley gets a kick out of educating her colleagues on new dating terminology and telling stories she knows will get a big reaction.

“OMG, soooooo I ended up seeing that boy on the weekend.”

“Which one?”


“Thespian Daniel or two date Daniel?”

“Two date Daniel! Anyway, I was a bit drunk and ended up inviting him to the trip last minute…I KNOW I know I definitely shouldn’t have done that I’m so dumb hahaha.”

“Anyway you won’t believe it…..” says Riley, pausing for dramatic effect, “he brought A GIRL.”

As the entire office echoes with dismay, Riley allows for a couple of angry comments before continuing her story.

“Yep, it’s the girl who posted all those happy birthday Daniel videos on her story. Remember her? Apparently, she’s his ROOMMATE”

“They ended up spooning on the couch so I ended up doing five shots of Amaretto and vomiting everywhere.”

“Anyway, how was your weekend?”

More to come.


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