Following the fresh announcement that Queensland was shutting the border to Greater Sydney, the NRL is once again frantically trying to find a way to continue the 2020 season.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk announced this morning that all of Greater Sydney was of concern to the Sunshine State and nobody from that area would be allowed past the border, after a couple of interstate travellers lied and brought Covid-19 back with them.

That latest border closure causes logistical nightmares for the NRL, with the three Queensland teams and the Storm potentially cut off from the rest of the Sydney centric comp from Saturday.

However, it’s believed that internally, the NRL is considering quitting while it’s ahead so to speak, by just telling the Broncos, Cowboys and Titans to enjoy the rest of the year.

“We are obviously going to do all we can to avoid that, and we’ll have to get the Storm out regardless, but with those three teams, Pete is considering just telling them to take a vacay,” explained an NRL HQ insider this afternoon.

“Like, it’s probably a better outcome for the Broncos at the very least. They won’t be able to concede 40 points every week, and with the players coming to the Titans, next year is exciting for them.”

“It’s our last resort, but if we just tell the boys to enjoy the rest of 2020 without any footy, we’ll have to find a way to skew the remaining draw so those teams who were going to play the Queenslanders get compensated with points and a healthy for and against.”

“I think a 50-point forfeit is fair for anyone playing the Broncos.”


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