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A ‘normal’ follower of the teachings of Jesus Christ has spoken to The Advocate today about his experience watching the Book of Mormon last night.

The acclaimed musical which is now one of the most successful of all time, came to town last night as the stars took over the Royal Betoota Lyric Hall.

Nathaniel Wilson (35), who describes himself to non-Christians as one of the ‘normal ones’ said he decided to attend the musical last night to laugh at the ‘other freakazoids.’

Wilson was referring to the Church of Latter-day Saints, or Mormons as they are more commonly known, who, as the title suggests, feature heavily in the musical.

The Book of Mormon follows the paths of two Mormon missionaries who head to Uganda to preach the religion.

It’s is a musical comedy created by the people behind the famous animated comedy South Park.

Wilson a school teacher and father of 4 (a minimum amount of children any devout Christian should have) told our reporters last night that the musical was very funny.

“Look there were some unsavoury parts, but all in all I will cop that if it means I can laugh at those door-knocking weirdos,” he laughed.

“You want me to give it a one-line review?! The musical was so good it almost had me speaking in tongues!” Wilson said to our reporters.


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