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As blood sugars run low late on this horrible yet idle Wednesday afternoon, two local lawyers met each other for the first time as their respective firms eye off a potential merger.

Greg Duchamp and Marcel Dada will soon be working together if next quarter’s forecasts prove to be correct.

However, things haven’t gotten off on the right leg so to say.

“I forgot the bloke’s name as soon as I sat down in that meeting,” said Marcel.

“Might’ve been because it’s the end of the day and I just want to get the hell out of the office and lie down someone, but yeah, I was hanging out for someone else to drop his name during the meeting. But yeah. nothing,”

“I ended up saying, ‘Nice to see again you, mate,’ at the end of the meeting and he shot me an odd look but at this stage, I couldn’t give a shit. I’m a bee’s dick away from burning out in this job and doing something rash. At least now I won’t forget his name.”

Speaking to The Advocate moments after Marcel micro slept his way home through traffic to Betoota Heights, Greg said that it was nice to meet Duchamp and he looks forward to potentially working with him in the future.

“He seems nice,” he said.

“A bit odd… but nice,”

“I think he forgot my name, though. We’d literally just met and I could tell for the life of him, he couldn’t remember my name. I don’t really mind, though. But I’m one of those people who can remember everyone’s name and face. It’s a nice thing to have.”

More to come.


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