Fingers are tapping on the steering Wheels of Kia Carnivals across the country this week, as Australia’s bearded Dads drop their kids off to school.

As the beating drums of a new Foo Fighter tour began to sound earlier this week, The Advocate can confirm Australia’s Converse wearing Dads have a spring in their step as they gear up to see the guy they call ‘My Hero’, Dave Grohl, live in concert.

After spending the last year struggling to get through ‘Everlong’ without getting a little misty eyed thinking about the death of Taylor Hawkins, it can be confirmed that Aussie Dads are ready to slip on a fresh pair of cargo shorts, balm their beards and risk another minor ankle sprain in the mosh pits of footy stadiums around the nation.

Speaking to one father of three, South Betoota IT consultant Nate ‘Slayer’ Datson (39), it’s believed the arrival of ‘The Fooeys’ has been exactly what he needs to get through an otherwise grim winter.

“Mate I’m so keen, I’ve been waiting All My Life for this,” said Nate, as he attempted to navigate the traffic around school drop off.

“My wife Jules has been all chirpy since P!nk got announced, I’ve got another confession to make, this might be the best news of my year.” 

Asked whether the announcement had anything to do with a musty set of leather bracelets he was flaunting on his wrists this morning, Nate admitted his recent dive into early era Foo Fighters had inspired him to Breakout some of his old man-jewellery.

“Haha these old things, I wear them all the time” said Nate sheepishly, as he parked out the front of South Betoota Public and waved another one of his Dad friends in.

“Hey Johnny, Park in behind me!”

More to come.


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