21-year-old Alanna Wasson says if she’d known it would be this easy, she would have done it ages ago.

The daughter and granddaughter of the Wasson family explained to The Advocate today, that she’s just relieved she finally drew her mum into the Generation Wars, with a flagrant comment about Seinfeld this afternoon.

“I know that aspiring edgelords and inner-city creatives don’t mind a bit of Jerry, Elaine and George, but I didn’t realise who much Mum loved it,” she laughed, referring to the popular Sit-Com that took the 90s by storm.

This comes after years of her and her grandmother Berryl firing up at each other over their generation’s role in the current state of society – which has currently come to a head over the coronavirus and climate crisis.

While her grandmother blames the economic decay on lazy Millenials and societal decay on entitled and obnoxious Millenials, Alanna has long blamed both of those decays on her grandparent’s generation benefiting from the post-war boom – and that’s been a regular debating topic whenever they catch up.

However, while Alana’s pleas for older generations to recognise the fact that they have ridden a wave of prosperity and benefited from a raft of egalitarian social policies which are consistently being eroded, has never failed to draw her mum in, she’s managed to do it today.

“What mum, sorry life’s not like that fucking Seinfeld shit you love,” she said flippantly.

That was enough to send her mum off, with Karen firing up about ‘Millenials having no idea about culture outside of their social media and bullshit reality TV shows.’

“Seriously Alanna, you can not be serious. I’ll cop a lot from you and your bratty sense of entitlement, but I won’t cop that.”

“That’s ridiculous,” she continued on, launching into the pioneering eccentricity of the characters and raising a wry smile from the oldest and youngest Wasson’s in the room.

More to come.


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