The skater community is currently under fire, after allegations of theft were levelled at them today.

Not the typical kind of petty theft that skater’s are associated with, but intellectual property theft.

In an interesting turn of events, seniour members of Australia’s Chinese community have accused the nation’s skaters of stealing their aesthetic.

The main issue in question has been the use of the tucked in tee or polo shirt with the suit pants.

The outfit has long been a staple for men over the age of 50 with Chinese heritage, who are able to rock it comfortably.

While some members of other ethnic communities have borrowed the outfit from time to time, it’s the cultural appropriation by groups of young boarders that has got them fired up.

“It’s blatant plagiarism,” explained Gordon Liu, a spokesperson for the elderly Chinese community.

“They’ve stolen our look and are trying to make it a hip cool thing with no regard,” continued the Sunnybank Hills grandfather.

“The shirt and suit pant combo is our way of dressing up for any occasion, and now these skaters are making us look like degenerates.”

“They can keep their Vans and their Etnies, but leave our versatile outfits alone.”

The skater community refused to provide comment on the issue, telling our reporter to fuck off.

More to come.


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