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A Betoota Heights mum has this week announced to her daughter that not only does she plan on visiting her in Melbourne, but surprise! She’s going to stay for a whopping two weeks!

It’s reported that Alyssa Gunn had floated the idea of her mum visiting Melbourne sometime in July, but was under the impression she’d pop up for a weekend or five days at most. This was because Alyssa has a pretty hectic social schedule and lives with four roommates, who may not take kindly to a surprise occupant .

However, after briefly discussing the visit one night and promising that they’d ‘figure it out soon’, Alyssa was awarded a call from her mum later that week – and it looks like she’ll be playing host for a bit longer than she expected.

Informing her daughter she’d already booked flights, Debra starts gushing about how excited she is to do some sightseeing.

“I’m flying up on the 15th and going back on the 29th”, chirps Debra, managing to squeeze in two weekends, “I really want to go to that Italian district and have some, what is it? Barrato? The cheese.”

Surprised that her mum even knew how to book flights, Alyssa desperately tries to get a hold of the situation and the fact she’ll be sharing her bed for an entire fortnight.

“Mum, I think that might be a bit too long.”

“I have roommates!”

“Oh it’ll be fine, they’ll barely see me!”, says Debra, who’s never lived in a sharehouse before.

“Are there any good exhibitions on at the gallery?”

More to come.


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