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Local woman Anita Bellingham [26] has today had to reign in her mother again, after a charming anecdote about a run with a stranger resulted in some pretty insulting impressions.

Anita tells The Advocate that she reckons it might just be easier to just use a spray bottle on her parents, as they managed to bust out an inappropriate comment at a rate of one per five minutes, or one every minute if they were watching prime time television (all the ads are too woke now.)

It’s alleged Anita had popped over to her mum’s last night to watch some trash tv together, when her mum had started telling her about an interaction she had in Woollies that involved dropping in the stranger’s race, weight and an impression of their accent.

Mind you, it was supposed to be a positive interaction too.

But at least this time it didn’t happen in public.

“Jesus Christ mum.”

“You can’t do that.”

More to come.


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