Local children have learnt skills for life today as the family matriarch gave them a lesson in conflict resolution.

After cleaning the kitchen without help for the 3000th night in a row, mother Patricia Webb (48) finally expressed to her family that she was cross with them by ignoring them entirely.

It is now three days into Webb’s cold war style ‘mum-strike’ and already her children are filthy, every surface needs a wipe down, and the family dog has starved to death.

During all this chaos however, Webb’s children have learnt an important lesson about how to express your grievances; don’t.

“I think I learnt it from my mother,” Webb told our reporting team in lieu of a therapist.

“She never used to tell us how she felt. One time she didn’t talk to my dad for three years and let me tell you he was so upset. Almost as upset as when she started talking to him again.”

Although the Webb children seem to have heeded their mother’s silent lesson, the man of the house seems to be oblivious to his wife’s tactics. 

“Nice to have a bit of peace and quiet around here finally,” joked dad/husband Shane Webb.

“Haha only joking, don’t print that.”

“Actually while you’re here fellas do you mind tidying the kitchen please? It will take two secs thanks. Please fellas, thanks fellas. For mum. Please. Two secs.”



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