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Local mum of three, Ange Hodges, is feeling optimistic this morning as she puts away her wallet after purchasing yet another exercise bike advertised on the TV.

The bike in question is the newest model Danoz Direct, as well as having two wheels and a seat like the other 4 bikes she’s previously bought, this new bike has some cable things that you can pull back and forth, making the bike suitable for a whole body work out.

The familiarity of the scenario isn’t lost on Ange, who felt the need to justify her latest purchase to her judgemental family.

“This one is different” she said.

“I’m going to use this, just you wait” she added, almost trying to convince herself as much as her family.

“What’s wrong with the other 4 gathering dust on the veranda?” her husband questioned.

“They’re just no good” replied Ange.

According to sales from Danoz Direct, the majority of their sales actually come from mums who see the infomercial so many times that they become hypnotised and actually believe everything they hear.

“They’re our bread and butter” said the Danoz Direct marketing manager.

“We’ve been making the same bike for 10 years”

“You’d be surprised how many bikes people think they need.”

Having paid express shipping, Ange’s bike should arrive in 2 business days. Our reporter will stay in touch with Ange and her family and see how her fitness journey is progressing next month.

More to come.


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