A local Real Estate Agent has proven himself to be the weakest link, after struggling to offer any general knowledge to a trivia team keen to take home a prize.

Major controversy surrounds the decision to welcome Simon McGrady, a leasing agent from Luxe & Co Realty, who for the 3rd week in a row has failed to contribute a single point in any given round.

Speaking with The Advocate, it’s been revealed the McGrady is a new addition to the team after being recently invited by founding member, James McGuire.

McGuire admits it’s been hard watching his mate, who hands out business cards for a living, so obviously struggles to offer any information outside of market inflation and weekend auction clearance rates.

“Yeah look it hasn’t been easy, watching him grapple with fairly innocuous questions each week”, said Mcguire.

McGrady been a bit lost since his girlfriend broke up with him, thought it might be a good idea to get him out of his house and open houses and come play some trivia”.

“But he’s got no idea on politics. Which is fair enough, but he’s useless in the anagram rounds and he can’t even string a list of Test Cricket Captains together.”

The constant inability to offer any insightful knowledge continues to be a sore point for “The Red Hot Trivia Peppers”, a team who frequently place in the top four on any given night in town.

Speaking about the concreted quiff realtor, team captain Adam Edmur has confided that a mutiny to remove Simon is on the cards.

“Oh mate he’s fucking useless!”

“I mean I’m no Einstein, I’m just a High School P.E teacher. But even I can name the three countries that start with the letter F”

“And then this dickhead Simon chimes in with ‘Florida!!’

When asked about Simon’s social qualities or inability to bring any friendly banter to the table, Adam confirms that the Leasing Agent has worn out his welcome.

“Honestly, he’s the worst.”

“He always tries to negotiate the signup fee with the Trivia host.”

“At the end of the night he asks us to take a team selfie.”

“And every week he tries to screen everyone at the table, poking around to see if any of us are interested in selling?!”

“If he answers one more call on those bloody AirPods…. He’s outta here!!”

More to come. 


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