A Betoota Grove couple have today learnt the hard way that fiddle leaf figs are impossible to please and should only be left to the most passionate green thumbs.

It’s alleged Claire and Deon Wright were walking through a strip of stores in the French Quarter, when they stumbled upon some pot plants spilling out of a new boutique homeware shop.

As they’d thumbed through the trees and made small sounds of approval at the matte black pots, which were sure to go well with their industrial theme, Claire saw a beautiful fiddle leaf fig that would make a wonderful focal point for her lounge room. 

Though Deon had first objected, he really had no say in the interior design whatsoever – considering he’d suggested buying some bean bags instead of a chesterfield couch.

But even though the store owner had insisted that the fiddle leaf was low maintenance, Claire and Deon experienced nothing but trouble as soon as they brought it home.

“What does it want?’ asked Deon, as though the plant were a crying child.

“Does it need more sun?”

“I think maybe we’ve over-watered it”, says Claire, picking up a drooping leaf.

“Or maybe we haven’t watered it enough?”

After much debate saw them angling the tree slightly more towards the sun, the fiddle leaf reportedly deteriorated at such a fast rate, it had completely shriveled into dust by the time they woke up.

More to come.


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