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Tension has been mounting in the nearby suburb of Glencurry during what was intended to be a ‘low-key’ backyard get together.

Melanie, 34, was celebrating her birthday with a small group of her closest girlfriends when mother in law Helen decided to pop by in what has been described as a “characteristically cavalier” manner, loudly announcing herself from the sliding door on the patio before making her way down to the birthday girl.

“I heard she was having a bit of a do so I thought I’d drop off a little pressie!” she explained to Tracey, Stacey, Ann & Rach who were all just trying to make the most of the afternoon sun with a couple of mimosas.

“I’m not sure if you’ve got this one, but the woman at the chemist said it’s quite good!” she explained as Melanie unwrapped a bottle of what appeared to be the exact same Elizabeth Arden perfume that she had given to Helen for Christmas.

“Open the card! Open the card!” she instructed while brazenly snatching a sip of Stacey’s drink.

“Dear Melany, Happy Days! Love Helen! That’s lovely…” said Melanie, who having been married to Helen’s son Lachlan for just over three years has not yet grown accustomed to this sort of behaviour and soon excused herself to go and wash up.

She was last seen walking back up to the house from the backyard with Helen following closely behind.   


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