A local boyfriend has fucked up, again, it can be confirmed.

The mildly mannered but often docile engineer living in the French Quarter named Sean Adams has done so this time by chucking some beeswax wraps in the bin.

“Makes it pretty expensive cling wrap Sean,” began Vanessa, his long term girlfriend.

“Why would you think that they go in the bin? Honestly, why would I buy reusable wraps for you to use them once and throw them out,” she laughed.

Beeswax wraps are reusable wraps used as replacement for plastics like cling wrap, and have risen to prominence over the last few years in households around the country.

However, the handy and eco friendly reusable wraps have been facing somewhat of an issue with some adopters of the product – namely idiot boyfriends who chuck them in bin as if they were cling wrap.

“It’s literally National Recycling Week, Sean,” laughed Vanessa.

“Last week you chucked out two of our tupperware containers,” she said to her boyfriend with his tail between his legs.

“It’s not that hard. I know you hate washing, but come on.”

“They only thing you seem to want to use more than once is my expensive shampoo you grot.”

Sean then apologised and promised to be better in the future.

“Hey, why don’t we go up the road grab a coffee tomorrow morning and go to the antiques shop,” said Sean trying to move the conversation on and win his girlfriend over.

Having already seen the sign for a sausage sizzle out the front of the second hand shop for Planet Ark’s Buy It Back Day, his girlfriend immediately saw through him, but decided to seize upon the opportunity to spend upwards of an hour meandering through the recycled goods without being hassled by her boyfriend and agreed.

The sausage sizzle in question is part of Planet Ark’s Buy It Back Day tomorrow. Taking place on the Saturday of every National Recycling Week the day aims to promote the sale and purchase of second hand and recycled goods. So pop into your local second-hand store and get behind the day!


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