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A local woman has this week been forced to have a harsh moment of self reflection, after coming face to face with a bedraggled sea urchin she quickly came to realise was her own face staring back at her.

The woman in question, a 25 year old beauty technician named Clarissa Whitlock, tells our reporter that what was meant to be a quiet one on the weekend had turned into a rager as usual, which led to her making ‘good friends’ with an Irish bloke on the Shifty Hen dancefloor, who was hard to understand but had good moves.

In more ways than one, it seemed.

Despite making a pact with her girlfriends that none of them would be partaking in hookup culture anymore, Clarissa found herself being quickly swayed by Danny’s irish charm and slick fade as she made her way to his apartment that night – and though she admits she had a great time, Clarissa couldn’t help but feel a bit confronted when her ‘stride of pride’ walk home included a long trip in a mirrored elevator.

Letting out a pained laugh, Clarissa says ‘there’s something quite humbling about being in a fully mirrored elevator after an impromptu adult sleepover”, especially “when you look like complete and utter dogshit.”

More to come.


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